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A variety of assistive technology devices may be used to respond to both selected response and open response item types on the assessment.

MSAA recommends testing Assistive Technology devices for compatibility using the sample items that are available on the MSAA Test Administration Portal.

The MSAA online system allows a student or test administrator to use the shortcut keys on the keyboard to achieve basic functions when usage of a mouse is not an option.

The test administrator will determine the length of each session based on individual student need.

IEPs are annually reviewed and updated to indicate participation in alternate assessments.

If technical support is needed, please contact the MSAA service center: Phone: (866) 834-8879 Email: MSAAService [email protected] service center is open M–F from 8 a.m. ET, with extended hours (until 8 p.m.) beginning February through May.

For all other MSAA questions, contact Lori Morris at Lori. Tennessee recognizes the term “Test Coordinator” as applicable at the school or district level.The test includes built-in supports to ensure students can respond as independently as possible.Most of the items are selected response, but some items are constructed response.The MSAA Summative Assessment System houses the online assessment system, technology requirements, and sample items.The assessment system, technology requirements, and sample items can be accessed on the MSAA website: https:// required).Accommodation use may be listed in multiple places in the IEP including: Many students assessed on the alternate assessment require an assistive technology device to communicate.

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