Iphone locks after updating firmware bradley cooper denies dating jennifer lawrence

The i Phone needs to cool down before you can use the flash.” The camera issue is probably not widespread, but general overheating reports are.Potential solutions:" data-reactid="52"A few people are having trouble with distorted audio and volume levels.

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There are reports that some ringtones sound distorted when the volume is turned up, some sounds are playing much louder than they should be, and sometimes they’re being played through the wrong speakers. It enables you to press down on the screen gently or harder to get different functions in some apps.

Some people have been having trouble getting it to work.

Don’t let i Phone 6S problems get you down, there’s usually a fix or a workaround you can employ.

Come on in for a look at the most commonly reported i Phone 6S problems and get some advice on what to do about them.

A cool new feature rolled out in i OS 11.4 is Messages in i Cloud, but it's not turned on by default.

Here's how to activate it, along with a reason why you might want to keep it disabled in order to save money.

Any smartphone will get hot when in use for a long period of time, but if your i Phone 6S is getting really hot without an obvious cause, then you could have a problem.

There are lots of reports online about trouble with the camera as a result of the overheating, but they all seem to stem from one Reddit user who reported getting the message “Flash is Disabled.

Since the Live Photos feature is turned on by default, and it records a short video either side of your shot, albeit at a low frame rate, there may be some impact on the quality of your stills.

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