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About four times a year, we take a camping or ski trip, which usually totals 0 per trip. I recently cut up my credit cards and would like to move towards living entirely debt-free.

I watched my parents go through a bankruptcy, lose their home and get divorced and it has scarred me for life.

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No big dress, no frills, just a lot of fun with people we love. It’s an extremely fast-paced job and I’m on-call 24/7.

Bridget’s House In May, I used every penny I had to buy a 750 square foot home in Portland for $280,000 with a 30 year mortgage and a 4.25% interest rate. This was my dream, but I’ve been living on a shoestring ever since the purchase in order to fund aesthetic renovations to the house (the house doesn’t require any improvements from a safety perspective). I’d really like to move into a more conventional, steady 9-5 in communications strategy/planning over the next year.

On the other hand, if I used the income based repayment plan and utilized the 10 year Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, I believe I would save more money over time.

I don’t own a car and use the bus to get to work most days and sometimes Jack drives me. I’m currently on my Mom’s cell phone plan and she pays the bill (embarrassing), but I’d like to get on my own plan ASAP.

Jack has two credit cards that he pays on time every month. We’d also like to have the financial freedom to frequently travel for pleasure.

Bridget’s Long-term Goals: In 10 years Jack and I would like to be married, living debt-free in our fully paid for house in Portland. The Challenge I currently have 5K in federal student loan debt at a 7.25% interest rate. I’ve researched working for non-profits where my federal student loans would be forgiven after 10 years (through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program).

I had no idea what I was getting into at the time and took bad advice from broke people. At this stage, I’m unsure if I should: I’ve gamed out these two scenarios a bit: If I decided to pay off the loans myself and threw an extra ,300 per month towards them, I estimate they’d be paid off in 6.7 years.

This would be faster than the 10 year forgiveness program.

From my experience, larger, more established non-profits are likely to: 1) offer higher salaries, and 2) provide better work/life balance.

That being said, they’re also more competitive in their hiring.

Plenty of folks would simply ignore debt like this, pay the minimum, and hope it’d disappear in a magic puff of unicorn dust (newsflash: it won’t). It’s true that she could likely save more money by going the PSLF route.

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