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Truth be told, I’ve been there and totally understand how something like Tinder can help you hone your social skills. Combine that with the sheer number of dates who lash out at you for a polite rejection or a late reply, and you’ve got a lot of dating disasters in your future.

If you are someone with a decent set of social skills, chances are you don’t really want to deal with people who still haven’t figured out how to have a healthy conversation with you.

“Why does it seem so easy for some people and not for others?

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When girls answer too late, or turn them down politely, it turns into them hurling abuse at them.

No one needs that kind of disrespect and, for the most part, it’s something that only seems to happen online and in social media.

Shallow validation, shallow conversation, and a healthy dose of “grass is always greener” is a bad way to go through life.

Tinder, like other social media, has an addictive quality about it, and that’s really not a good thing for your mental health.

Tinder and other apps make dating into a series of matches, quick judgments, and a mildly hurtful blow when things don’t pan out.

From what I’ve seen, abstaining from online dating makes most people feel more confident, even if they miss the messages a bit.

Frankly, I gave up on online dating and have found it to be a great move.

You might, too, and here’s why you might want to stop online dating and kill your Tinder account, speaking as someone who’s had enough of bad online dates. I’m going to point out that this is true for both men and women and that getting addicted to this kind of cheap validation is a real issue.

Truthfully, I know a lot of people who have met their boo online, and I commend them for that.

Personally, though, I am not down to work that hard just to have a spark with someone anymore. Tinder is absolutely wonderful for getting all the inappropriate photos you could ever want.

I’m sorry, but this is what made online dating and Tinder so terrible for most girls.

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