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A delinquent who is not very fond of the idea of killing his monster teacher.

One of the more aloof students until he Took a Level in Kindness.

In the SHINee fandom, the Jonghyun/Onyu pairing (usually known as Jongyu or Onhyun) has its own nickname of , stemming from each of the member's nicknames: Jonghyun is Bling Bling; Onyu is known as Dubu or Sundubu (Korean for tofu).

And over in the 2PM fandom, the Taekhun pairing (Taecyeon/Nichkhun) is also known as In the DBSK/TVQX fandom, sometimes the portmanteau itself has more than one variation; i.e.

Like fellow sharpshooter Hayami, he fell into Class 3-E after his grades slipped after being relied on by the students in the main building.

Class 3-E's male class representative and an overall intelligent, athletic and good-hearted boy who comes from a very poor family.

And because there are only so many names in Korea, to the point where people can confuse couples with actual people, it extends to nicknames.

For example, in the Super Junior fandom, the pairing of Heechul/Donghae is known almost universally as Cinhae, as one of Heechul's nicknames is Cinderella.A transfer student and a literal killing machine with the face of a girl, designed to operate the combined armaments on warships and warplanes, and adapted to kill Koro-sensei.She is the inferior assassin to fellow assassin Itona, but she is still one of the most dangerous students.For less obvious variations, see Idiosyncratic Ship Naming.Portmanteau Couple Names may also come in handy if the couple performs a Fusion Dance and In Korean Entertainment fandom, this is standard protocol, especially in Slash circles.Their physical capabilities have been scientifically enhanced and their personalities (and their bodies) are quite eccentric as a result.

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