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Not only is he an Egyptian, or Arab, figure, he has also gained wide acclaim as an interlocutor with the West.

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Once this general framework is established, we will have paved the way to ex- amine how, for example, Islamic conceptions of stewardship over nat- ural resources, respect for women, concern for the least among us (the poor, minorities, etc.), and a constraint on excessiveness each have much to add to pressing contemporary discussions about the environ- ment, society, government, and business.

What equally emerges from this volume is the Mufti's global reach.

This latter group is comprised, in the Egyptian case, of prominent graduates of the Azhar University.

Another contribution of the articles collected here is the Mufti's insis- tence of a return to the glory of Azhar through an assertion of its tra- ditional curriculum, which values difference of opinion as expanding the student's (and the community's) horizons; a commitment to eth- ics, which makes intellectual disagreement possible and keeps it civil, all the while reminding a scholar of his duty before his Lord; and spir- ituality, which ensures that every person keeps in mind the end goal of becoming a better person and developing one's soul through what- ever enterprise he chooses, whether scholarship, business, govern- ment or the trades.

Too of- ten, the voices that are heard in this confrontation with Islam and the modem world speak of inevitable conflict, clashes of civilizations, and the impossibility of convergence, cooperation and harmony.

Less prominently known are the ideas of those who believe in, and work towards, achieving coexistence and understanding.I refer to his on-going contributions to the Common Word initiative, in which he played a foundational role, emphasizing love of God and love of neighbor as shared commandments for Chris- tians and Muslims.He outlines the motivation behind the initiative in the context of globalization as well as practical challenges that the two communities should address together such as the environment, hu- man rights, poverty, and violent extremism.6 The goal must be to seriously tackle the issues of the world by mak- ing recourse to both the Islamic heritage and its long-standing contri- bution to humanity, as well as the advances that have made the mod- em world possible.Both must be taken in tandem, because neither can operate in isolation without creating a skewed world - either a textu- ally puritan worldview, or a selfish materialistic outlook.What becomes evident through a reading of the chapters in this volume, is the Mufti's unwavering commitment to scholastic excellence within the parameters of the civility, ethics and spirituality he so values.

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