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Lonely over 60 - meet men and women over 60 online.

Lonely over 60 All contact is made through this site and we will never release your contact details.

Fun over 60 is is 100% safe and secure Meeting men or women over 60 can be a bit frightening at first. We have members looking for new friends or who want to start dating over 60s in all areas - yes, even yours!

9 million people in the UK report feeling lonely, sometimes or often.

It’s normal to experience loneliness, and it’s important that we normalise it to break down the stigma.

Lots of people live alone, but do not feel lonely because they have social relationships and connections that they want and need.

Mental health charity Mind says loneliness is about ‘ Loneliness makes you feel emotionally isolated – like you’re not connected to people, or you don’t belong.

There is a difference between being alone, and feeling lonely.

Solitude – being alone – is different to loneliness.

7 Cups has compassionate people like yourself who are available 24/7 to chat and support you.

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