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And that is why the church could make evangelism into both a simpler and a more subjective process than that practiced by previous generations.

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During that time major swaths of Europe (especially the countryside rather than the cities) remained pre-Christian pagan.

Richard Fletcher’s [University of California Press, 1999]).

They had a Christian mind and conscience, but they didn’t have a Christian heart.

But the question is whether that is still the position. They needed to come to a deep personal conviction of sin and to an experience of God’s grace through Christ.

They did not have a Christian understanding of God, truth, or sin, or of peculiar Christian ethical practices.

They lacked the basic “worldview furniture” of the Christian mind.

We’ve tried out a Christian society and it wasn’t so hot. Neither of these is, may we say, “the real thing.” But exposure to them creates spiritual antibodies, as it were, making the listener extremely resistant to the gospel.

*Christianity was big back when blacks had to sit on the back of the bus and when women were beaten up by men without consequences. In a society like ours, most people only know of either a very mild, nominal Christianity or a separatist, legalistic Christianity.

There hadn’t been a wholesale erosion of the very concepts of God and truth and of the basic reliability and wisdom of the Bible. Inoculation introduces a mild form of a disease into a body, thereby stimulating the growth of antibodies and rendering the person immune to getting a full-blown version of the sickness.

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