Married cheating separate women dating affairs

However, I know that some will disagree with me on this.I’ve heard from spouses in this situation who insist that this is really not cheating since the couple was separated rather than happily married.Although I never would’ve believed this two years ago, my marriage is stronger than ever after my husband’s affair.

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However, he insisted this was a one time thing that would never happen again.

The wife said, in part: “My husband says he’s sorry for the cheating.

The couple had hit a rough spot in their marriage and had decided to separate while they sorted things out.

A major sticking point for this wife was that they had agreed not to see other people and to remain faithful to one another.

The husband swore that this was not a relationship and that the other woman didn’t mean anything.

He’d been at a company party where alcohol was involved and according to him, one thing lead to another.

He swears he didn’t mean for it to happen and says that he still wants to work on our marriage.

But sometimes when we argue, he’ll admit that although he is sorry, he thinks I should not be as hard on him because we were separated at the time he was intimate with someone else.

In fact, they had scheduled regular date night and were both committed to using the separation to strengthen their marriage rather than to destroy it.

So imagine the wife’s extreme disappointment when she found out that her husband had been intimate with a coworker.

If she did, I didn’t feel that there would be any short cuts or that she would have an easier time simply because they were separated.

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