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The development and calibration of proxies and their use to reconstruct paleoenvironments from the Precambrian to the Anthropocene are of special interest.

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NAC 2018 will be programmed around a number of broadly defined geoscientific keywords which serves as the main entrance for submission of abstracts.

Depending on the number abstracts and the issues presented the program committee will arrange the abstracts in specific sessions.

Studies on the coupling of solid earth geophysical phenomena to the ocean and atmosphere, and vice verse, are welcomed.

We also welcome Solid Earth contributions to studies of geohazards and energy resources.

The Nederlands Aardwetenschappelijk Congres (NAC) bring together all fields of research within the Earth Sciences.

The NAC conferences aim to provide a true interdisciplinary forum for discussion and for young researchers to present their results in a way that is accessible to a broad audience.

Earth sciences, not in the least through the availability of ever more Earth observation satellite data, like from the European Copernicus Sentinel satellite program, but also the increasing capabilities of drones and (often commercial) small-sat constellations This theme will focus on exchanging information on the use of Earth observation and the best practices and available tools for Earth science applications, including upcoming Big Data/Big Science issues.

Abstracts are invited in all Earth science fields including solid earth, geology, geomorphology, oceanography, atmosphere science, air-quality, glaciology, soil sciences, ecology, vegetation, land surface, hazards, climate, safety & security, and natural resources.

In this session we would like to highlight recent advances in Dutch Planetary Geosciences, including geological, morphological, geophysical, astronomical and geochemical studies of planet- and moon interiors, surfaces, and atmospheres.

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