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The founder of “Modern Man” is also the author of the article. Either way, I am sure the “ultimate” intent is to “seal the deal” – as with all dating tips for men. Though both articles provide helpful advice, I found the second piece more insightful and understanding of single moms. If you are not up for it, then just walk away and don’t even start – no matter how hot that yummy mummy looks like.However, I would like to highlight these 7 crucial points to the male-readers out there.1) First and foremost – you do have to ask yourself if you are seriously MAN ENOUGH to take on the challenge of dating single mothers? I repeat, just walk away.2) Know that your normal “modus operandi” in dating or your usual “game” may not work all that well with single mothers. She does not have the time or day to deal with that kind of BS.And in Asia, some very rich and very married men actually think of single mothers as perfect “mistress-material”.

So, please do invest the time and effort in getting to know her as well as her kids. There could be some real changes to your lifestyle. Unless, if her EX is dead, lives in another country or has been completely estranged from her and the children.

Because suddenly, you may find yourself visiting more playgrounds than clubs, or going to places which are only family friendly, and etc. Your usual activities will also change, perhaps even your car.

Some view single mothers as a “death sentence” because no man would willingly want to pay and raise another man’s kid/kids.

It is like picking up the tab for someone else’s fancy dinner party that never ends.

Hence, you might appreciate why I have not dated for over ten years. However, this does not mean that I have not been pursued or “propositioned” in all these years.

I just have not been “enticed” or “inspired” to take up on their offers for dates…until this year, that is.

And by all means, please do not ever put her in a position whereby she needs to choose between you and her kids. Because she had spent nine months carrying her child, then delivered that child with considerable pain, and then she continued to spend years nursing that child through every wound, and scar. A valuable word of advice here, please do not ever refer to her kids as “baggage”.

Her kids are individuals she loves and cares about deeply. If you seriously want to date or have a relationship with a single mother, you have to understand how deeply she values her kids.

They have been through enough unpleasant or disappointing experiences with men, So, please do not toy with her. She has a bunch of things going through her mind and they all require her immediate attention, because she has to multi-task, ALWAYS.3) There will be a lot of resistance, ups and downs from the very start. Single mothers are more cautious and guarded with their hearts.

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