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Following the last interrogation, Kelly flees Indiana for Kentucky where she is apprehended by police. It's there where she changes her story about how the body of Chris Regan was dismembered.

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A tip leads investigators to surveillance footage from a hotel where they uncover a journey of duplicity and deception.

A teen girl forbidden from dating falls hard for an older man.

Kelly first tells him it was done with a chisel, but soon the truth about a saw comes out.

Ogden meets Cochran out at a restaurant, and she admits her husband shot and killed her lover Chris Regan.

Police learn Holly was keeping secrets, and her loved ones wonder if those had anything to do with her disappearance.

A violent home invasion in Grand Rapids, Michigan ends in murder.As his in-laws drive across states to care for their now orphaned granddaughter, detectives turn to a witness that never sleeps - surveillance video. But then surveillance cameras reveal terrifying footage of a prowler kidnapping her, transforming this investigation into a desperate race to bring her home alive.In Philadelphia, a 22-year-old nursing assistant vanishes.Kenda leads a state-wide manhunt that brings the criminals to justice with just hours to spare.Kenda follows a bizarre chain of events after a loving mother and four children inexplicably die inside their home.Who is responsible for Nicole's disappearance - and can she be found alive?

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