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In truth, dayeinu, each of these things was enough to be exceedingly grateful for. If you are set free but fail to acknowledge how you attained that freedom, you remain enslaved to your ego and you selfishness.If you can’t recognize what has been done for you and that you could not have done it yourself, you are trapped by your self-absorption. The Midrash says that one who has no gratitude is like one who negates the existence of God.

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A couple of years ago the Wall Street Journal had an article entitled, Raising Children With an Attitude of Gratitude, Research Finds Real Benefits for Kids Who Say ‘Thank You’.

The author, Dianna Kapp writes: “A field of research on gratitude in kids is emerging, and early findings indicate parents’ instincts to elevate the topic are spot-on.

It is almost impossible to imagine the Seder night without the singing of dayeinu.

The tune is catchy, but the words and theme are frankly bizarre.

Parents need to model this behavior to build their children’s gratitude muscle. ’ By reinforcing this, kids will internalize the idea, and do it on their own.” Seder night is an incredible opportunity to model gratitude for our children, grandchildren and all gathered.

“It’s not what parents want to hear, but you cannot give your kids something that you yourselves do not have,” Dr. Everyday actions may be even more important than big efforts, researchers say. During dayeinu, pause to be appreciative, not only to God for what He has done for our people and for each of us, but be thankful to those who worked so hard to make Passover happen.

I want to share with you an insight that will give you a new way to understand dayeinu. If you look at the Torah and in Psalms, chapter 106 in particular, you will notice that every stanza of dayeinu corresponds with an incredibly gracious act God did for us and our absolute ungrateful response.

Here are a few examples: We say “had God just taken us out of Egypt it would have been enough.” However, if you look in Deuteronomy it wasn’t enough.

Freedom means knowing that we didn’t get here on our own.

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