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They were instead memorial documents, recording the social position, wealth, and relative importance of the person who had paid for the pole.

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Tall, straight cedar poles furnished the material for the huge memorial, or Another remarkable quality of the Northwest Coast artist is his skill and interest in fitting designs into forms.

He excels at fitting his designs into a given area, shape, or prescribed form, yet without sacrificing the integrity of the design.

While this may seem paradoxical, the logic was simple: the more one gave away, the greater one’s prestige (metalcraft.

While some copper came from local sources, most came from whaling ships, both as cargo brought in for trade and as scrap peeled from the hulls of wrecked ships.

With the coming of the Euro-Americans, who coveted the rich furs of the region, the control of the great fishing areas and strategic position of the Northwest Coast tribes enabled them to acquire staggering wealth in an extremely brief space of time.

The existence of an Indian purchasing class, with its ever-increasing need for impressive possessions, created a supplier: the professional artist.

This was thus one of the very few aboriginal cultures outside Mexico that gave rise to art patrons who hired artists on a commission basis.

More surprising, the works that were commissioned were usually destined to be given away.

With the coming of Euro-Americans, there was a brief period of economic benefit enjoyed by the Northwest Coast people, but this soon disappeared, and the arts rapidly degenerated to curio-shop products.

In time, even these provided so little income that all but a few Indian carvers and basket weavers abandoned the arts.

It was in this region, richly endowed with tremendous cedar and spruce forests, that the Native American sculptor achieved his finest expression.

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