Non sedating ssri

Natural dietary supplements as cause of insomnia in men and women Diet pills that contain ephedrine type chemicals can lead to insomnia.

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Non sedating ssri

Those with chronic insomnia are more likely to suffer from depression or an anxiety disorder.

People with insomnia or poor sleep quality may be less tolerant of pain.

Medications and drugs that cause insomnia include amphetamines, beta blockers, caffeine, cocaine, ephedra, pseudoephedrine, and theophylline.

High doses of hormones -- such as DHEA, testosterone, progesterone, pregnenolone are also responsible for many cases. I have listed a few of the possible culprits below.

If not a cure, at least they will provide some help.

However, certain insomnia medications can have serious side effects such as car accidents the next day.

Stick to a schedule, and don't sleep too late on weekends If you sleep late on Saturday and Sunday mornings, you'll get Sunday night insomnia.

Instead, go to bed and get up at about the same time every day.

Avoid electronics an hour or so before bed Many people might be losing valuable shut-eye because they spend the hour before bedtime in front of the electronic glow of a television, cell phone or computer.

Many experts experts recommend an "electronic curfew" an hour before bedtime, when people should dim lamps and avoid checking their e-mail or watching late-night TV.

Psychiatric disorders or mental conditions that cause insomnia can include anxiety disorder, stress, mania, and Symptoms of inadequate sleep, shallow or short These symptoms include fatigue, daytime sleepiness, low mood, poor motivation and productivity are common symptoms of insomnia.

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