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osx,swift,cocoa,interface-builder,nstextview NSText View inherits from NSText. Right To Left It also inherits the action method make Base Writing Direction Right To Left() from NSResponder, which presumably what the contextual menu uses. If neither of those works, you can set the text view's default Paragraph Style to one... You'll need a CKContainer, and you'll ask it to fetch the user record ID.mysql,sql,constraints Indeed, you have a constraint in book table, that does not let you delete a user as long as there are books added by that user: CONSTRAINT `book_user_key` FOREIGN KEY (`user_id`) REFERENCES `fyp`.`user` (`id`) ON DELETE NO ACTION ON UPDATE NO ACTION You can change it to ON DELETE CASCADE... That record ID is unique for your apps, but is also stable for that user this means the same i Cloud account will have the same record ID, regardless of which...

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A common alternative, if you are creating your own custom window controller, is to create a property in the App Delegate of type Custom Window Controller, then in...

objective-c,cocoa,nsnotificationcenter Private methods are just that: private.

Setting the style Mask to NSBorderless Window Mask inadvertently removed NSResizable Window Mask.

You should set the style Mask to NSBorderless Window Mask | NSResizable Window Mask.... Try setting that: hebrew Text Writing Direction = NSWriting Direction. ios,iphone,cocoa,ipad,icloud Yes, this is possible using Cloud Kit.

Notice the time offset: " 0000" which is probably not your timezone. To obtain a string in the current or another time zone use...

osx,swift,cocoa,xcode6,storyboard The problem is that your window is not resizable.

A better implementation would be func my Print osx,swift,cocoa,nstableview,nstableviewcell You need to drop the new cell view in the table column that would contain that kind of cell view (the one whose identifier is "value Column", in this case).

ios,objective-c,iphone,cocoa,nsdate The problem is with the way NSLog() and the NSDate description method display the date which is in GMT (UTC).

Per the documentation: Load a nib from this bundle with the specified file name and...

swift,cocoa,swift2 Indeed, NSView has a func print(_ sender: Any Object?

) method to open the Print panel, which is an unfortunate conincidence.

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