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By the time the policy is overturned, and inevitably it will be if rationality is indeed a hallmark of the human species, the question is how bad the damage will be to the City’s economy and image.

An article from yesterday's Kansas City Star doesn’t adequately explain the consequences of the policy.

In summary, the policy drives down private property values, decreases the tax base, deprives resources from the school districts, libraries and essential civic services, and drives away tax-paying development.

When bureaucrats don’t understand how the private sector economy works, bad policy is made.

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Astonishingly, he doesn’t seem to realize that the City is also competing unfairly with the dutiful taxpayers of KCMO…using the taxpayer’s money to do so.

The reality is that KCMO suffers all the collateral damage from the tax-abatement-forever policy; it accelerates development in Johnson County, as it is no longer desirable to develop in KCMO.

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