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"There are 200 million people on Facebook who list themselves as single," CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at the company's annual F8 developer conference.

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First off, thank all of you for making last week’s release of The Unicorn Delusion a Kindle best seller.

I’m taking a short vacation (I know, I know, but you can still email me here, plus you have the archives and my books to...

In the reference list, include the page range for the whole article. For articles consulted online, include a URL or the name of the database in the reference list entry. “Predicting Responses to Contemporary Environmental Change Using Evolutionary Response Architectures.” . Comments are cited in reference to the original post.

Many journal articles list a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). Articles from newspapers or news sites, magazines, blogs, and the like are cited similarly.

Each example of a reference list entry is accompanied by an example of a corresponding in-text citation. If a more formal citation is needed, a reference list entry may be appropriate. We thought so back in 1993.” Facebook, April 17, 2015.

For more details and many more examples, see For books consulted online, include a URL or the name of the database in the reference list entry. If no fixed page numbers are available, cite a section title or a chapter or other number in the text, if any (or simply omit). In place of a title, quote up to the first 160 characters of the post.

It is the intention of the present overview to provide easily-accessible, reliable, balanced information that should be of assistance to parents, medical professionals, scholars, as well as men and their sexual partners.

The author is a professor emeritus in the medical faculty of the University of Sydney.

Most women prefer the circumcised penis for appearance, hygiene, lower infection risk and sexual activity.

At least half of all uncircumcised males will develop one or more problems over their lifetime caused by their foreskin, and many will suffer and die as a result.

The information reviewed herein is the most extensive and accurate in the world. Most can be found by the reader in any medical library or Internet referencing service, such as Pub Med.

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