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Capital One Investing Summary: Merrill Edge is one of my favorite platforms. Managed portfolios require a ,000 minimum and cost 0.45% of assets under management.In addition to online DIY investing, they offer a managed portfolio. While this fee isn’t the lowest, it’s reasonable for those looking for some extra help.Formerly Share Builder, Capital One Investing offers a full range of trading services.

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So it was no surprise that Ally brought the same consumer-friendly approach to investing. Back in 2014 Trade Monster and Options House merged. E*TRADE offers trading platforms and tools for any investment style.

At Ally Invest stock and ETF trades are just a flat fee of $4.95. It offers low costs even for infrequent traders, like myself.

‘ve been investing nearly 25 years, long before online brokers came on the scene.

During that time I’ve used several of the best online discount brokers, including Scottrade, Options House, and even Vanguard’s brokerage services.

Based on that experience and a lot of research, I’ve compiled this list of the top options.

Note that I have accounts at each of these firms and have personally tested their trading platforms, research, and other tools. Over the years I’ve learned three important things about brokerage firms. You’ve probably heard of many discount sites that allow you to trade stocks online, but I’m guessing there are a lot of online brokers you’ve never heard of (Sogotrade may be one example).

While its fees are generally reasonable, its managed portfolios require a ,000 minimum investment and charge 0.90% of assets under management.

Due to the fees, we don’t recommend Capital One Investing’s managed portfolio.

With some you can’t buy mutual funds, while others offer more mutual funds than most.

And the stock trading tools available to you vary from one discount broker to the next.

The reality, however, is that unless you are an active trader, the cost of a few trades a year will be small. Its website is one of the easiest to use among all banks, including online banks.

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