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He'll recognise you again the next day, you'll smile across the aisle, and soon enough, you'll be walking down one.

Or, he'll suddenly call his mother or pretend to fall asleep, and you'll end up having to take the earlier tram to avoid him but it's worth a try.

If you're looking for a screw (for some home repairs) then a hardware store could be a promising place to potentially nail a male.

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I’m happiest when I’m around art whether I'm making it or viewing it. I do many different things for work including voluntary work with young people in crisis.

I often go to openings on Thursday nights, I frequent International art fairs and I occasionally dabble with little watercolors of my own. I have a bachelor of film and television and filmmaking is my craft of choice. Single free spirited discerning man who loves little adventures, travel, bike riding, sailing.

If you're a straight, single woman in this city, chances are that you're looking for love or for a good time.

Either way, mingling with the males of the species is called for, so we've put together a list of the best places in Melbourne to meet the gents.

Speed Dating If you're a busy city woman looking for a man and you don't want to mess about with scouting for one, it's possible that speed dating is for you.

Instead of playing the field you can narrow it down by selecting a speed dating event that suits you.

Let us know which bars for singles over 40 in Melbourne are the best, and why you’ve found them to be so good.

Or perhaps you’re usually after something more along the lines of a fling – dare we say it, there’s lots of wine bars which attract the solo tourists around Southbank – but perhaps you’ve got some other tips to share.

The kind of men you meet will depend greatly on the type of establishment you choose.

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