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Form Typer is another included feature that converts scanned paper forms into electronic forms, which you can fill out, save as PDF, and email.

To prevent unauthorized access to your content, it can secure the PDF file with 256-bit AES encryption.

If you don't have access to a scanner, this Pro version allows you to take a picture of the document with your mobile device so you can convert it to a PDF later.

For collaboration with coworkers, it supports network folders and gives you the ability to add folder notes and thumbnail pop-up notes to the PDF.

Thanks to File Center, it is possible to scan important documents quickly and then organize those documents into “electronic file cabinets.” The File Center solution makes it possible to organize your scans, computer files and e-mails all together, making information retrieval a fast and streamlined process.

File Center also allows for the easy creation and manipulation of PDFs.

Just drag and drop a scanned document onto any text application in the Paper Port "Send-to" bar to create editable text for instant use in word processing or spreadsheet software.

With security features such as full encryption of documents in transit, state-of-the-art intrusion detection, and privacy certification, you can rest assured your documents, files, and personal information are protected.I have Paper Port on my desktop and my laptop for one main reason: to clean up PDFs. I use Paper Port to: staighten crooked PDFs; lighten the background and darken the lettering of PDFs (say a pink receipt is scanned to gray scale and the contrast between the background and text is limited, affecting its readability); automatically erase black borders and three-hole punch marks. Paper Port Professional 14 from Nuance is a Windows software program that uses your scanner to convert paper documents into a searchable digital PDF format.You can also use it to create PDFs from digital files and save them into your computer as well as combine multiple files into a single PDF.There are other substantial problems with Paper Port.

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