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The temple priests perform the puja (rituals) during festivals and on a daily basis.

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The temples closes after the prayers are performed at 12 pm and 9 pm respectively.

Daily there will be Pujas (prayers), mornings 7.30 am and evening 6.30 pm.

This was done to ensure that the Indian community, which includes the merchants, labourers and sepoys, are settled in one particular area, for ease of managing the group.

The majority of the people who lived around the temple were waterfront workers who were the backbone of the Penang port.

Darshan (meaning open to the public) hours are from 6 am to 9 pm.

Temple is closed from 12.15 pm and reopened at 4.30 pm and closed at 9.15 pm.

Prayers are usually conducted by the temple priests in these times and visitors may observe these prayer sessions taking place.

If you wish to enter the Sri Mahamariamman temple, it would be polite to ask permission from any of the priests and please remember to remove your shoes before entering the temple grounds.

But except for the date, not much else has been said about its founding in that document.

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