frank lampard dating - Plies dating shay johnson

If you are Mad at me for writing this you have to ask yourself why are you okay with it?

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They're a cute and bohemian alternative to the other two-piece trends and are definitely a glamorous take on beachwear.

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It appears that Shay picked up a bottle, hitting the woman. In the clip, the woman’s face begins to plead and Stevie assists her away. Well as some of you may or may not know Shay Johnson aka BUCKEEY of Love and Hip Hip Atlanta and Flavor of love was issued a warrant by the Atlanta Police Department on May 19th 2014.

You May or may not be familiar with the show and that’s fine because it’s besides the point.

If you want the triangle cut like Abbey's then try Hobie and All About Eve at Asos.

Miss Selfridge has our favourite version but Missguided has a bargain buy.

The incident took place in February, at Sleazy & Zino, a club owned by LHHA’s Stevie J and Benzino.

From what we see from the video, a young lady and Shay began arguing.

I want to say that I am not a blogger but seeing as how so many bloggers relish in the coonish antics that are displayed I decided to just write it myself so forgive me in advance for the layout. Anyway May 18th while surfing the web as usual I saw a video of Shay holding a ciroc bottle (yes the vodka bottle ) in her hand, she tapped a woman on the shoulder and proceeded to hit the woman in the head with the bottle as hard as she could you can view the video.

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