dating and marriage practices - Poems about dating your best friend

When you look into my eyes I feel like butterflies inside me reside.This love of ours I must confess Has filled me up with only happiness.You are the man God made for me For you complement me in every way You are the one with the key to my soul And you have made me nurture this goal That no matter what comes and goes I shall never leave my place beside you.

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I love you so much my darling you make me feel whole again.

It is still freshly etched in my memory, the day we first met The way that I felt as the sun did set I knew in an instant that you were the one That all the unhappiness and misery had finally been undone You were always there for me when things turned for the worse You held my hand through times no matter how terse So today I want to tell you that The fact that you are mine makes me oh so glad So I wish that we can forever like this be Together and so madly in love for an eternity. You make all the problems float away No matter how was my day.

And just when I had given up on love that would be true, One day by chance I met you.

You showed me the beauty of life and things, You filled my life with colours and all the joys that the world can bring.

For when life was low and I needed you You were there to see me through.

So now that we are together All I want to do is to love you and leave you never.

From the Heart You light up my world, And make me forget all my fears, Your laughter brightens up my days, And drives away all my tears.

You are my every dream come true, No one else will ever do; Because only you can make me feel, The way I do. thou makest all things even In earth or heaven; Finding thy way through prison-bars Up to the stars; Or, true to the Almighty plan, That out of dust created man, Thou lookest in a grave,--to see Thine immortality! by Pearl Aman When I sleep at night, you are the one on my mind.

I have so much love to give So be mine and let us together life live.

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