Policies practices and procedures for validating invoices

Suppliers paid by ACH or SUA will receive electronic notice of the payment, as well as a list of invoices that correspond to the payment.

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Correcting Invoice Errors and Discrepancies If a mistake is found, do not change the invoice in any manner.

Depending upon the type of error, contact either the Supplier or a Purchasing department buyer to have the invoice corrected.

Sub-contract invoices must be sent to [email protected]

The supplier and remittance address must be verified by running the Workday Find Suppliers – Yale – Departmental report and verify the Supplier exists as well as the Supplier Connection that matches the remit to address on the invoice Payment Methods A Yale supplier will be paid via SUA (single use account), automated clearing house/electronic funds transfer (ACH/EFT, also known as direct deposit), or check (listed in order of preference).

Wire transfers are typically for foreign payments only.

When requesting a Supplier to be set up who will be submitting multiple invoices over time, departments should: Similarly, if there are any credits applicable to this Supplier related to other University transactions, such credits will be subtracted from the check that is issued to the Supplier.

Determine the Invoice Status Departments must review invoices received and approve for payment.

It is the responsibility of the departments to review, approve and submit valid invoices in a timely manner.

Querying the Supplier Database Before the University can pay any Supplier, the Supplier must have an active record in the supplier database.

Use the Find Suppliers-Yale-Departmental report to search for the Supplier in the database.

If invoices are held for extended periods in a department, the University’s relationship with the supplier may be compromised and other departments may not be able to receive goods or services until the invoices are cleared.

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