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I'd agree that saying "I'll never date 'x' race" probably is racist as you're saying you're totally against the idea of it based on their skin colour.The two different types of preference ('a': I will only date 'x'; and 'b': I will never date 'y') are different though and I think 'a' is less likely to indicate a racist attitude than 'b'.

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I was born in the early 90s and images like this of black women were pretty darn rare in media outside of the two channels marketed directly at a black audience.

Halle Berry's beauty was talked about more than any other black actress and she's incredibly fair-skinned (not to mention she is literally half English/German).

I find more attractive), but that you would be open to dating the right person regardless of that, it's probably not racist.

If your "preference" is "I could never be attracted to a white person, regardless of their other qualities," or "I don't like white people because they all have ", it might very well be racist, rather than a preference.

Basically, it can be but isn't necessarily (racist).

Peace xu/The Kapitan (OP) has awarded 1 delta in this post.If you have a few minutes to spare, this T1J video is a pretty good overview of the topic, including some interesting data from OKCupid.I'd say that if your preference is a preference (e.g.I don't think it's impossible, but I don't think that it simply being a matter of "aesthetic preference" is actually likely, given the patterns in the data.Racial bias is incredibly prevalent, and given that, I think racial dating preferences are much more likely to be based on those broader cultural biases than on unique individual preference.My problem with this suggestion is it implies your preference is something you can do something about. Okay, if you do: b) do you also agree that 'gay-conversion 'therapy'' is possible?

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