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The cams provide detail unavailable from hard-to-see bird bands.” Perhaps most important, the osprey cam helps people connect with nature, discover the remarkable world around them and share the excitement of watching wildlife.

The nest is located atop a 30-foot tower at the Hog Island Audubon Camp near Bremen, Maine.

Cynthia didn't seem to mind, but group friend Marlo Hampton made it clear Kroy was not welcome. I think it is the strangest thing that she cannot leave and travel without Kroy." "Who knows what she'll be doing while she's at home," Ne Ne later told Bravo cams.

Back when the ladies addressed all the "elephants" they had with each other, Shereé asked Ne Ne if she had an issue with her boyfriend, Tyrone, who Ne Ne met before Shereé did. Following the episode, Ne Ne addressed her reaction regarding Tyrone -- but we can't tell if she was joking.

I'm cool with Kim, but while I'm over here with Kim, I ain't gon never tell y'all that what Kim did is f-cked up 'cause what the tea is is that Shereé knew of this video long before we got here to Barcelona. She hadn't necessarily seen it, but she knew it existed." "The least Shereé could have done was said to me, 'Listen, Kim and her daughter went in your bathroom, they videoed a water bug, and they were gonna try to make you look bad,'" Ne Ne later told Bravo cams. Like, it just really goes to show the type of person that Shereé is as well." The next explosion took place at the mere mention of Shereé's incarcerated boyfriend's name, Tyrone Gilliams. Tyrone and I have nothing." "Who said that y'all had been out? "Don't ever ask me about Tyrone because he is not my man, he is not my friend, he is not my cousin, he is not my neighbor," Ne Ne replied. So whenever you bring up the name Tyrone, direct it to Shereé Whitfield." When Eva Marcille asked Ne Ne about her intense response to Kandi while they were at dinner the following night, Ne Ne repeated a similar, more lengthy sentiment.

"I'm so pissed that she's not going," Shereé said to Porsha.

Porsha was equally as upset, and the two decided to call Kim to get "Ne Ne was super vocal about Kroy not going," Kim said.

At the moment, it appears that Rachel has reclaimed the nest and her relationship with Steve.

According to Kress, in some cases, such fights at the nest can disrupt the entire nesting season.

On Sunday's "Real Housewives of Atlanta," Ne Ne Leakes and Cynthia Bailey decided to plan a girls trip to Barcelona, but not everyone was on board with keeping the vacation girls only.

When Cynthia brought up the plans during a dinner at Porsha Williams' house, everyone seemed excited about it except for Kim Zolciak, who kept insisting she bring her husband, Kroy Biermann. Really, it's a girls trip, and I don't think that anybody should travel on this trip if they can not travel without their significant other.

After winging their way north from tropical winter homes, ospreys are making a return to their favorite spots in the northern U. (Ospreys are the only North American raptor that depend on a diet of fish and have the ability to dive into water to catch them.) After the eggs hatch, the parents will feed and brood the chicks, protecting them from extreme weather and predators.

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