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In psychoanalysis, one of the key elements required for eliminating any neurotic behavior pattern is to understand its stimulus, i.e. Once the deep rooted cause is brought to light, change and treatment is possible because the underlying issue can now be addressed.This also applies to emotional control, and the neurosis we call 'oneitis'.When we believe that we have fallen for a girl, oftentimes we have not fallen for her, but an ideal we have in our own minds that the female represents to us. I once fell for a girl who was a close, personal friend.

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She was not my mother, and a Don Juan such as myself should have absolutely no external dependency for validation and self worth.

Emotional self sufficiency was part of my value system. Stephen Covey advocates that one must analyze one's emotions through the lens of one's value system, your core beliefs about who you are or who you want to be.

Internal distraction involves trying to think about something else, to place one's mind elsewhere, to think about anything except the girl whose coquetry is driving you crazy.

External distraction is as simple as turning on the television, relying on outside stimulus such as comedy or music to distract us from an unwanted emotional state.

by Marlimus One cannot have game unless one has Inner Game.

All the tips, techniques, and memorized language patterns in the world are meaningless unless one has the mindset that allows one to benefit from such things.

You close your eyes, grind your teeth, and wish it away. Zen Buddhism teaches that in a contest of will versus imagination, imagination always emerges victorious. Repression can be counterproductive, because the psychic energy spent trying to repress an element adds to the element's power, and even if the element is temporarily cast into the Id, like all repressed elements, it reemerges eventually.

See Freud concerning the behavior of repressed elements.

3) Affirmation A variation of repression found in the NLP community, one repeats empowering phrases in one's mind over and over until it supposedly sinks in.

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