Rumer willis dating jayson blair

It does not seem like the couple is set to separate their ways anytime soon.

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Rumer Willis has also dated Chord Overstreet on 2010.

Hey only dated for a few months before splitting up.

The couple too dated only for about a few months before moving on.

Rumer Willis boyfriend was Micah Alberti from 2008 to 2010 and the couple split up after differences between them.

It looks like Rumer Willis is adding a little spice to her life with new boyfriend Jayson Blair. Normally, I’d say that people are just overreacting, that you can’t base a budding relationship on a Hollywood smile (or can we?

the other day, holding hands, and — wait for it — smiling at each other!

Rumer Willis age at current is 28 and she was born on the 16th of August, 1988 in Kentucky.

At the age of 28, Rumer Wills has managed to become successful by following the footsteps of her parents and has the net worth of a whopping 3 million dollars.

Rumer Willis net worth has considerably increased over the years due to the passion and the skills she portrays as an actress. These are the major question about her which arises particularly among her fans when talking about her.

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