Scared dating scan

FYI with my first I remember being incredibly uncomfortable after drinking the amount of water they required but the tech let me empty half my bladder first, so let them know if you do get too uncomfortable!Mine is booked for sept 8th- I'll be about 7 weeks. I found out my last pregnancy wasn't viable at the ultrasound.

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When do you ladies have your dating scan scheduled or have you had it already?

I've got mine booked for Sep 16 so still have a way to go.

I remember saying to my husband when we were in the waiting area "hopefully after the scan, it'll start to feel more real" but obviously it didn't because I'd miscarried. But then that could be because we'd waited so long.

But I had lots of symptoms and then we had an early scan at 8 weeks and all was fine.

Having said that I am preg again and Im terrified of it happening again so Im geting an early scan... Baby died sometime during the ninth week and we found out when I went in for a routine exam at 10 5.

but as I said i wouldnt worry too much about it - just enjoy the experience OMG okay after reading that now I'm completely freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was devastating, but my husband and doctor thought I had an intuition because I was sure there would be no hb.

Not sure the worry ever goes away), I knew deep down I would hear a hb this time around and I was right!

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