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All date feedback is confidential and handled discreetly, so singles can be honest about what they thought about one another, and thereby help each other improve over time.Paddi aims to provide Vancouver singles with everything they need to enjoy dating and fall in love.


Known for their hands-on dating services, ESD’s matchmakers go the extra mile to make dating easier on their clients.

After they’ve selected an ideal match, they’ll even make the dinner reservations for the date.

Each date is hand-selected based on years of experience and human intuition.

The dedicated matchmakers yield fast results and guarantee a minimum number of dates for all their members.

He thought that was how matchmaking worked, so he contacted a local dating service.

It was a shock to him to find that most matchmakers relied on their own databases to match clients with clients, essentially ignoring a world of dates outside their clientele.

Paddi wanted to save time by hiring the dating equivalent of a recruiter or headhunter in the business world.

He figured a professional matchmaker could more easily navigate the social scene and find the right person for him.

When you’re on the road to a relationship, Executive Search Dating offers a shortcut by arranging quality dates, providing helpful feedback, and doing all the work required to help you achieve that goal.

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