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Most Christians still enjoy listening to secular music and reading secular books.Heavens knows there were a huge number of Christians in the theaters when “The Last Jedi” premiered.

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Nearly universally acclaimed as a modern classic on the immigrant experience.

Why you should read it: Zadie Smith is just a good literary figure to have in your back pocket, and in one strand of the narrative, Zadie lays bare the anxieties of a Muslim family attempting to preserve its commitment to its values.

Why you should read it: This book is a testimony to the possible diversity of Islam in America and was so influential that it gave its name to an online subculture and set of musical acts.

What it's all about: The marriages and sex lives of four women in Saudi Arabia.

What it's all about: Brotherhood, damaged faith, and longing in Cold War and "war on terror"-era Afghanistan.

Why you should read it: You'll have a really good cry and also learn about the ethnic and religious conflict in Afghanistan.

What it’s all about: A young, secular Sudanese woman moves from the party life of Khartoum to a quiet life of service in London.

Why you should read it: Minaret is a subtle portrayal of the complex internal world of an orthodox Muslim woman as well as a criticism of classism in Muslim communities at home and abroad.

Why you should read it: It may be an Orientalist portrait of Muslims, but Habibi is really gorgeous, and will teach you a ton about the similarities between the Abrahamic religions.

As there are a lot of Christians in the world, entire industries have sprung up to bring Christians the sort of entertainment they desire.

Why you should read it: This book teaches its audience about the mindset and intellectual strength of someone raised with a religious education, as well as the drawbacks of both religious and secular education.

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