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The adoption agency refused to explain why the babies had been separated or why the adoptive parents had been kept in the dark.

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He wanted to explore the long-running Nature vs Nurture debate — to what extent we are shaped by our genes, and to what extent our environment.

Identical siblings separated at birth provided him with a stunning opportunity.

Eddy and Robert found they talked and laughed the same way, had identical birthmarks and IQ scores of 148 (over 140 is categorised as genius).

They were both college wrestlers and had the same fighting techniques.

The previous year, Domitz had shared a room at Sullivan County Community College in upstate New York with a student named Eddy Galland, who had subsequently transferred to another college.

Eddy and Robert looked uncannily similar — not just the same face and build but the same hair, and even the same expressions, Domitz told Robert.

Everyone had noticed — and assumed that Eddy was back at Sullivan County.

When Domitz discovered that the young men had been born on the same day — July 12, 1961 — and were both adopted, he lost no time in getting them together.

Robert Shafran had no trouble making friends on his first day at college in 1980.

Fellow students were falling over themselves to be friendly to the 19-year-old.‘Guys were slapping me on the back, and girls were hugging and kissing me,’ he recalled.

They liked the same films and could quote the same lines from them. He explained that he looked exactly like the ‘twins’ — 5ft 9in, with a dark complexion and curly brown hair.

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