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'Squire Baszel's residence, according to his great-grandson Rowland B. Kezia, she was the daughter of Esther Hooker, the second wife of Rev. Mary, by her husband's Will, received " the use and improvement " of his homestead, and some other real-estate, together with " my best horse and riding car- riage and two cows and my negro man Prince," etc, " My son Isaac [is to] have and improve said Real estate given to my said Wife, so long as to her may be satisfactory, paying to her" etc. 1786 j U / JO'^^«^*'**/^^ ing and mentaining a Saw Mill on my farm about thirty five Rods West of my Dwelling House on the same Stream and Damms where s** Munson formerly Built a Mill ;" in return for which Baszel was to " Saw for me 400 of plank and 400 of Boards p' year my finding suitable Loggs ;" term of con- tract twenty years. 1794 was leased by Baszel for the residue of the twenty years to Jesse Dickerman, for j^i8. on highway ; 14^ acres, 33 rods, York lot ; 2|^ acres, 20 rods. The proposal was greeted with acclamations, and each carrying his loaf, went into a neighboring field, where they had the merriest game of football on record." An account-book of Baszel's son, Job Lucianus, has this : " November th 10 Y* 1783 Bazzel Munson dr to I Cart that I saack Had 800 to I peair of oxen 12 00 to I buchel of brand 010 to I days work at the mill 036 to I gallons of bran deay 080 to cash pade by [Dr] Walter Munson i on to oxen and cart i day 040 to I day work 5 o March 1792 to 17 ft of wheat flower 5 5 Novem ^*»® i Y® 1783 Cradit to father Munson Ber for Monneay borard 3 4 ^ to Monneay 400 Clan /oel\' Sarah\ 633 As to Mrs. It seems to us curious and very strange that being the daughter of a clergyman, and half-sister of Ezra Stiles, president of Yale College, she should sign a convey- ance in 1762 with " her mark." Mrs. The names of the 'Squire and his wife appear on the roll of members in 1783 and in 1800.

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1782, i acre "with a Smiths Shop standing on the premises," and eight acres with house and barn, bounded S. Eighteen acres with a house — formerly owned by his father, were sold by Baszel* and T. Further measures for the defence of New Haven were proposed March 16, 1778, and a committee of eighteen, including Baszel Munson, James Hillhouse and Benjamin Trumbull were appointed to view the town, and " Judge what is needful to be done for the Defence of the Town." One week later (March 23) the committee made an interesting report : West bridge should have 2 small works, for 4 pieces of 63^ The Munson Record. The only other pass into the Town from the westward is on the Road by or near the paper mill ; the ground there is very advantageous for defence, the whole of it by which the enemy Could pass between the west Rock and any part of the River which is fordable being easily Commanded by Cannon. Dickerman relates the following : " My great-great-grandfather Baszel Munson, was commissary in the time of the Revolutionary War.

Six pieces were bounded west by the river, and three or more east of the river. on the river — "runing North to y® foot of y* Ledge where y® Damm Comes to y* Rock." The same partners, for;;^, in July 1769 conveyed to Abner Todd one acre in M^ Carmel, bounded " N. He was a surveyor of highways in both New Haven and Hamden. In the first year of Hamden's corporate existence (1786), 'Squire Baszel was moderator of the town meetings in November and December ; he was chosen moderator at least fourteen times during fifteen years. He and Doctor Eneas* were among the twenty-eight citizens of New Haven who were chosen a committee of inspection, Dec. J^^- 5 '77^ Mess" Jere- miah Atwater and Baszel Munson were chosen " to sell the salt belonging to this Town according to their discretion," — not more than one peck to any one family and only to inhabitants of the town who have taken the oath of fidelity.

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1804 she received from her father's estate, by Will, jf 120, of which ;f34was in the form of 2|^ A. Some years he exported as many as 5,000 beaver skins.

* ** For many years he was largely engaged In Indian and other public affairs at Albany.

Abigail Basset* b, 20 July 1772 ; bp, 26 July 1772, according to the records of Mt.

Dana.) Mehetabel* was witness to a convey- ance 5 April 1802 ; and the following Oct. Bishop the right to one-half the mines ** that he can find on my land that lyeth on the Blue Hills, vii.

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