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The Romanes endevouring by fubtile pradtifes, and pretext of Religion to retain under the lurifdi&ion of a high Prieft 6 the ancient honour of their Citie, which by open force they could not defend.Thennofooner could any fhew himfclf to differ from them in point of faith, but the battening of his punifhment prevented any infection that might fpread it felf among others.

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By which vermes, when in a fhort fpace he had wonne the admi- ration of all, and the love of many, in reward of his learning, and good beha- viour he was chofen Fellow of Magdalen Colledge ; which being accounted a principall honour in the Univerfitie , and ufually due to the Students of that Houfe, was fcldome, and not unlefle in regard of Angular defcrts, beftowed upon any others.

It mould feem he defigned the firft over- branchings of an early wit, to the exercifes of Poetry, and wrote divers Latine Comedies yet to be feen, in a copious, and gracefull ftyle, but fomewhat lofty, which fault of writing, (iri all things elfe fo grave and temperate) he left not altogether in his elder yeers, thotighage, and experience did not a little mitigate it.

He found the contention to have been of great antiquity, and no age to have been free from fome debate in the Church.

But thofe firft quarrels were rather for dominion, and increafe of territory.

How many nights he watched in thefe folitary walks; what combats, and wraftlings he fuffered within himfelf ; how many heavy fighes, and fobbs, and tears he powred forth with his prayers to Almighty God ; I had rather might be fpared from this difeourfe, then touched with opinion of oftentation : But there*- fore of neceffity, was it to be femembredi, becaufe from hence fprang the firft fufpition of his alienated affe&ions.

For no fooner was the fame fpread of his nightly retirements; but that the more understanding fort out of their own wife- dome; others according as they flood inclined towards him, wereapt to inter- pret all to the worft fenfe.

In the Univerfities, and Schooles there was yet no open change, or innovation : I know not whether through fear, or that they would not be followers.

This was the eftate of the Church affairs, when Matter Fox began attentively to feek into the fubftance of the controverfie, then in agitation.

But when the Protectors themfelves, and Pillars of the Reformed Religion, were taken away.

The Duke of Suffolk by untimely death, the Lord Cromwell by the fvvord, the Archbifhop Craimer and his friends borne down by thofe of the contrary fides and that neither in the Laws, nor the Protection of the Peers, there was any, the leaft, help remaining; then began all things to haften back again headlong to their former abufes, and that with fo much the more violence, becaufe the conqueft feemed a kinde of revenge.

In the mean while the A& or' the fix Articles was ftill in force, and if any were found guiky of the breach thereof, they were fure of punifhment.

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