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Have you ever started a job, and at work you had to learn new procedures, a new set of boundaries, figuring out how to act around people?

Some of this you learned through your boss communicating written and verbal expectations.

Study how he interacts with his family or with friends from his own culture, how of a pause do they give each other before speaking? STOP saying, "I don't know how you can me " These are not helping solve the issues at hand it just makes the argument get worse quickly, and is an emotional ploy for him to reassure you. You are over-doing that to a point that it is annoying to friends and hubby.

In a management class I once learned the East coast folks tend to cut in and West Coast folks tend to pause longer. Also some cultures demand a pause so as to not be disrespectful. Learn how to FIGHT FAIR: stick to the actual topic of disagreement phrase points as "I am jealous of the gal who is fundraising, I wish sh'ed have sent me a text too so I felt included. Pick and choose high priority things to research and help with.

Its not even like we were doing poorly financially, most of our free money was going to paying off his student loans and such.

We managed to pay off 10k this year alone and still live comfortably.

When I was that around that age (or younger) I'd lay on my stomach and I would put something under my crotch and then push up and down. no hugs, no kisses, no fucking egg nog or mistle toe.

If I didn't have something to put under me, I'd just use the floor. I dont want a fire and coco to warm up with, I want her raw power burning deep welts into my back until im a puddle on the floor boards.

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