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There is a higher law that transcends the laws of men Our country has squandered trillions foolishly and it just keeps spending What would happen to the American economy if everyone started living in the simple frugal way that my wife and I do? On technical writing Governance by committee The lesson of history A walk through a Safeway supermarket Those enemies of good sense, prudent action, good judgment, reason: arrogance, ego, hatred, temper, malice, envy, lust, laziness, impulsiveness, etc. On integrity Five reasons Chinese people detest Westerners. A request for readers who like this site Website owner: James Miller NOTE.

On liberalism, socialism and the welfare state On idleness and amusement On the practice of giving entrance exams for entry into secondary school The problem is the tendency of people to trust authority Careless, sloppy thinking Two fundamental facts about Christianity that a Christian needs to always keep in mind We are now in the new, progressive, enlightened America To really understand Christian churches it is important to observe what is being omitted, neglected Scriptures on the way to be saved From early youth everyone is assailed by a constant barrage of moral lie and temptations and pressures to do wrong America is a licentious, depraved Sodom Christianity is a way of goodness, chastity, moral purity The Spirit of Christ which lives within a true Christian Doctrine of the elect, the chosen Demons that can take possession of a person and destroy him The situation as I see it On inflation, the rate of inflation, and the erosion of the dollar On Microsoft, computer problems, and abuse of power The root cause of western depravity is modern western thought, outlook, philosophy The World Book Encyclopedia Should one go to college? On strait-laced, puritanical, bigoted, intolerant people How is a Christian supposed to treat others? This website has no affiliation or connection with any group, organization or religious denomination.

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Cause of unhappiness with ourselves On imagination and fantasizing The important questions of life The highest religion, the highest spirituality Things which reveal one's character The most important goal: wisdom, understanding Causes of unhappiness and misery in man Impatience and nonacceptance --- a frequent cause of abuse The overbearing taskmaster --- the age-old tormentor of man Techniques used by Satan to gain souls for himself Forms that abuse of an employee by his boss can take Mental abuse Honesty That which keeps me on the right road Connection between harshness in punishment of crime and social morality Who wins in this world --- the bad or the good --- depends on your definition of success God, a lover of symmetry So many people are prisioners of their own minds and habits Happiness is ...

Discovery about appetite Sources of problems in marriage Happiness Bad treatment yields badness --- good treatment yields goodness Americans --- What they are is revealed by their tastes What I look for in a person --- traits that are important to me Source of good character and virtue Cause of teenage confusion and depression Facts of life Life --- a mixture of good and bad Jobs, competition and the law of survival of the fittest Man's basic requirement for food puts him at the mercy of others The Basic Sexual Nature of Man Key to honest love: respect The honest love, affection, and loyalty of your mate --- the most important thing in life The key to thrift --- minimize outgo Importance of courage and moral strength to being a Christian Importance of a good disposition to finding happiness in life Prerequisites to a happy marriage Ingredients to happiness People are cheaters Differences between the way of life of wild animals and that of humans A prominent aspect of my personality --- a love for efficiency Achieving happiness in life --- a matter of the right strategies What is true Christianity?

Religious Liberalism; Humanism Satan owns the workplace Weyrich letter IQ Concept Mindset of the winner and the loser A criminal state On Laziness and Industriousness A Friend to No Man You Can't Help People Life can be likened to a game The AIDS Virus The stock market Formula for Economic Development On Sin On Baptist / Evangelical Belief and Practice A Strategy Meeting at Satan's Headquarters On the inerrancy of the Bible On learning from example The True Christian A New Era for Mankind My mind and will work together as a team What is true Christianity?

Two Kinds of Mind Desperate Situations A horse is a horse A wise man knows On Enemies In nature, the truth is usually hidden A sure recipe for ruining your child America Born into a world of hardship and struggle Personal attributes of the true Christian Christians are commanded to be sober On Mental Health On religious jargon On Character Satanic Lie and Delusion --- Apostate Christianity On personal judgment, sense and discernment One of my pronounced personality traits Frugality, the parent of many good things Facts of Life Social justice On Health Illusions Causes of Poverty On Suing Allocation of Limited Resources Cause of mental problems On healthy human relationships Self-control, self-restraint, self-discipline basic to so much in life Way of Wisdom How a man reveals himself One is your teacher, the Christ Jesus didn't teach force On Intelligence A wise man is a cautious man How character traits are acquired IQ Concept and Standardized Tests I am Understanding On Self-confidence On dishonesty in speech and thought On Happy Marriage Origin of Habits Cause of Emotional Disturbance On Pleasure How to deal with people The healthy society My requirements for studying The journey called life What determines a person's character?

Two important personality traits Conscience requires one to thwart natural inclination and take an unnatural route Factors that determine what people do Rules Marriage is like a game --- it must be played by a set of rules To be happy one must play the game of life by the rules How personal weaknesses can be turned into strength On the decision to have children Man's spiritual needs Importance of the concepts of risk and danger The heart and core of true religion --- self- denial Direct your energies toward that which you have control over American moral corruption, the end product of liberal social thought The most essential knowledge On children and childhood Important goals for good mental health Cause of mental illness Why do American students do so much poorer than Japanese students in school?

Interview with five Asian-American students on reasons for high Asian-American scholastic performance Asian parents, by their strictness, show far more real love for their children than do American parents The IQ concept versus the philosophy of hard work The confusion of my youth caused by the conflict between the voices of my society and my basic intuition and good sense Should you have children? The pursuits of life The institutions of a society depend on the character of the people of the society Similarities between America and the ancient city of Sodom Risque humor We are all part of the web of life Mental health What is a corrupt, depraved society. The essence of my Christianty People are attracted to that which is destructive to them Social justice Resentment, bitterness, inner anger --- how they get started Life is like a minefield --- one must be careful about where he steps Promising easily, promising slowly --- two opposite personalities The good are trampled and the evil rise to the top The facts of life --- feed troughs only able to accomodate a few --- competition for a place He who requires the approval of the crowd is a slave Trust not others Good mental health depends on healthy relationships of three types Our social problems We are all basically alone in our journey through life My relationship with God An attitude of neutrality Self-discipline People treat you as you treat them Importance of renunciation A view of the world is formed in our childhood years Jobs and social justice Romantic love Conscientiousness Reasons for modesty The spirits that rule us Our immoral society Survival, need for a livelihood, competition for jobs Life is filled with nets, traps, deceptions and dangers The central role played by the need for the necessities of life The con man The heart of a good deal of virtue is the practice of exercising restraint The basic nature of man Morality --- immorality Biblical position in regard to this world We are continually surrounded by temptation to do that which is harmful to us A 0 is worth more than 0 --- it is worth 0 plus all the interest it can generate over your lifetime All a matter of allegiance Welfare --- like people riding in a cart Important things in life The most basic, most important, underlying fact of life Accepting ourselves as we are --- with all our inabilities and deficiencies The cost to society of sexual immorality The invisible emotional bonds of marriage Message of the Bible We are spirits imprisoned within bodies Ingredients of success A secret to happy living: reducing risk Some of the evils of life: the Good under the power and authority of the Bad Long-time priorities in my life Philosophies for living Principles for living Foolishness My views on the topic of pleasure The job --- one of the main sources of frustrations in life All is awry in this society Cause of the personality trait of methodicalness Things characteristic of childhood, things characteristic of adulthood The most important things in life The habit of taking the time to do things properly The dilemma of life The love of spending money --- one of the self- destructive traits Institute in mental health This is no society in which to raise children The American way On violent crime in our society The facts of life --- a job is like a place at a table The Achilles' heel of all of us: sex The book of Proverbs Homosexuality in America Moral perversion comes in steps Satan rules this world Temperance and self-denial as a way of life Teach these as the fundamentals for living life The underlying laws of life A nightmare scenario for America, Year 2030 Teenagers Government subsidies Teenage decisions The healthy, well-balanced mind Two types of people The book of Psalms reveals the heart of the godly man The welfare state.

The manipulation of the mind of America On things like "sexting" and pornography The process of corrupting a society is analogous to cooking a lobster By what process does a person become depraved? Why are some people very gregarious and others not? Old-fashioned morality is a central component of true Christianity On a proposed sex-education school curriculum Everywhere I look I see a Christianity being taught and practiced in which the main, central ingredient of Christianity is missing The important truths of life must be discovered by yourself Americans just dont know how to live life Views of college-educated Democrats and Republicans on homosexuality On wise men and fools The Weinstein effect What brings the wrath of God down on the heads of man?

Mankind is capable of sinking to the very deepest depths of depravity The great lie On spiritual rebirth Thinking like a liberal Scripture on homosexuality Cause of liberal anger True Christianity is chaste, decent, morally pure, good, virtuous A materialistic, hedonistic world pursues pleasure as the main object of life Most of Christianity is apostate and false Assumptions, beliefs, and opinions underlie conduct and behavior On the gigantic distance that America has gotten from true Christianity Wisdom calls: Get wisdom! Liberal arrogance On socialism On censorship What is wrong with socialism? The land of Nombe The decline from democracy to tyranny is both a natural and inevitable one Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy Magazine, has just died at age 91 On patriotism Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls Todays liberal left is like a big Gay Pride parade Truth, Righteousness, and Faith the Christians armor against the fiery darts of Satan Watch out! Humankind slaves to various lusts and pleasures, malice, envy, and hate You must be born again Christianity replaced by secular humanism in the West Neglected children What do I believe?

The light of Christianity has receded and the darkness of Satan has fallen over the land. On the 'just believe in Jesus' message Obeying God, following in the way taught by Jesus The living water, the bread of life Meaning of "Love your neighbor" The wicked rule, the righteous are suppressed Man is a moral being, endowed with knowledge of right and wrong, and accountable to God Two alternative starting assumptions and two conclusions Consequences of the habit of wrong-doing God's plan of salvation The primary focus of Christianity should be on obedience Why schools are turning out people who cant read or write On effecting change in a person's basic nature Two ways: The way of the world and God's way A little story told to me Our society has created a new religion with a great hatred for God and Christianity Christianity everywhere has become perverted, corrupted and apostate America has erected the standard of Sodom and Gomorrah and Americans are ordered to follow On integrity and the lack of it The test of a persons Christianity is what he is Who will go to heaven? The land of lie On moral relativism It takes a real fool to not believe in a God The anti-Christian climate in America today What determines my opinion of a person?

The superior person On faith and works Ninety five percent of the problems that most people have come from personal foolishness Liberalism, socialism and the modern welfare state The desire to harm, a motivation for conduct The proper and just solution to the welfare problem The case against socialism It is all a matter of viewpoint The bad news and the good news The crafty preying on the foolish and weak Quotations from some great thinkers: Cicero, Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Confucius, Pythagoras, Seneca, Cato the Elder, Buddha, Marcus Aurelius, Francis Bacon, Alexander Pope, Francois de La Rochefoucauld The way of truth and light is a way traveled by few Aristotle on education How does one achieve happiness in life? I believe America is next Homosexuality, depravity of the highest order The heart and essence of what Christianity is about The modern western world is hostile to Christianity The West has become highly depraved and is on the express lane to hell Most and least religious countries of the world US Supreme Court decision: homosexuals have a constitutional right to marry.

Modern liberal ideology The great war being carried on against God, Christianity, Morality, Virtue and Goodness People follow other people, they copy On conscience, sensuality and shame On various value systems On argument and strife in marriage It is America in year 2050 Spiritual maladies of man Spectators see better than actors Let your conduct always flow from a calm, quiet, humble mind What is a shameless society? Modern liberalism is highly dishonest, highly deceitful, not to be trusted at all We humans seldom succeed and prosper by following the crowd and doing what's popular Pearl of great price On sin, wrongdoing and conscience On eating out at restaurants Homosexuality, high wickedness A morally permissive society The right road and the wrong road, the easy road and the hard road America, lost to Goodness, lost to God Mankind's inclination toward war Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God She is an enigma inside an enigma!

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