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"In our research, this came up a lot: 'I have a responsibility to speak up.

So we found that many report the harassment as a last resort rather than a first step in finding an effective resolution," Mc Laughlin said.

While companies tend to worry about the liabilities of sexual harassment allegations, unchecked harassment has an economic impact on them, too.

Imagine that you're a guy who landed a job at a mid-sized company where your skills were a great fit and you were making good money. But under him, the department was meeting its performance goals and as you grew successful in the job, he took you under his wing. When this manager held meetings with these women, some of them in their twenties, he sometimes yelled at them and left them in tears. Then one day your manager joined you as you hung out with a group of employees, including the young women, chatting in the office.

Then one day, away from the office, he started to make lewd comments about particular women in the office. And he told a story of one of his sexual escapades so obscene and vulgar, it made you nauseous.

Even the man we talked to said if he was put in the same circumstance again, he would report the harassment. Having done this I can see now why [reporting sexual harassment] is hardly ever done.

If you're planning a romantic date night with bae, chances are food is going to be involved.

So Fi strenuously denies the allegations, saying that they were investigated and "and found to have no merit." The uncertain outcome of speaking out is why sexual harassment mostly goes unreported.

One study found that only 35% of young adults who were harassed at work reported it to HR or a government agency like the EEOC, Mc Laughlin said."The same percentage, 35%, told a co-worker about the harassment.

It means being "complicit" and working in "a toxic work environment, and anyone who works in tech knows this is a problem," Mc Laughlin said, referring to the tech industry's long-standing reputation for frat house behavior.

The best outcome is that a company investigates allegations and takes swift action to ensure a safe environment.

And that's when you decided to speak up and report the incident to HR, just like the sexual harassment training instructs employees to do. New employers wouldn't hire you once a background check yielded the ongoing drama.

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