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L████ performing on the piano, whether the works in question are his own compositions or those of other composers, is at risk of contracting SCP-1841, which may endure for from as little as three hours to as many as five years thereafter.Since the existence of SCP-1841 was first documented in Berlin in 1844, primary and secondary infections have affected an unknown number of thousands throughout continental Europe.Description: SCP-1841, referred to in the public press as "L████ fever" or "L████omania", is a most curious series of public behaviours engaged in by persons exposed to the public performances of F████ L████, a composer and pianist of Hungarian extraction.

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We expect a brief upswell of riotous and hysterical behaviour over the coming weeks during the traditional mourning period, after which infections in those previously afflicted should slowly dissipate. It is my unfortunate duty to report at this time that this appears to be the case.

Containment of infectees will continue for five years or until such time as no further cases of "L████omania" are observed. Based on Research Assistant Wertham's findings, the behavior exhibited by Presley's fans appears to be identical to that exhibited by those afflicted by a neutralized phenomenon designated SCP-1841, a condition which affected fans of composer Franz Liszt in the 19th century.

I recommend that SCP-1841 be upgraded to Keter class and that authorization be granted to take aggressive steps to mitigate the effects of its carriers.

I additionally recommend that SCP-1841's containment file be expunged from the primary database and information regarding its current active status be placed on a strict need-to-know basis for persons directly involved in its containment.

Approximately sixty-three percent of persons exposed to a L████ performance acquire symptoms of SCP-1841.

Those of the female sex are more easily swayed by SCP-1841, though men of the younger generation (Bohemians and confirmed bachelors in particular) have also been demonstrated to be easily affected.

SCP-1841 is highly virulent, especially among the younger generation, and even the knowledge that these musicians exist and have these abilities could result in an outbreak of secondary infection among our ranks. Wertham I am pleased at this time to report that our measures at containing SCP-1841 appear to have been largely successful.

Subject Presley's service in the United States Army has greatly mitigated his ability to spread SCP-1841, and the neutralization of subjects Holley, Richardson, and Valenzuela has prompted several music critics in the media to proclaim that the genre is entirely moribund.

L████ and that organisation, however, has to date become known in London.

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