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Add to that the tremendous power of a new phenomenon I call Patient Collaboration via forums and emails, and you have a medical revolution on your hands. Schedule: May 5 - Initial consult, XRays, scope July 6 - Molds of teeth made July 25 - Flying to Stanford Medical Center from Tyler, TX. Spent all morning putting away all the CPAP machines, masks, straps, hoses, etc. 13th day Woke up in the middle of the night twitching.

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I don't fear death, I fear living with bad sleep for 40 more years. Slept laying on the side half the night, some on back, some sitting up. Laid in bed for over an hour but didn't dose because I didn't need to. Margo and I are going to try a movie today if we can find the theater. Main complaint is a lack of energy, some nasal drainage, and temperature sensitivity. Walking up the stairs is no longer the exhausting chore it was a few days ago and I'm loosing my temperature sensitivity.

I never understood why sleep-deprivation was used as a form of torture in wartime, now I do. Not sure, right now I'm dealing with terrible sleep-starts and they act like airway problems. My attitude at this point is to give myself time to heal. I secretly built her a custom shelf unit for her office before we left and arranged to have it installed while we're away. Laying on the side requires a little pillow arranging to prevent pressure on the sensitive jaw. Thanks to all my friends, family, forum members for all the well wishes and prayers which obviously worked nicely. A few people have asked about catheterization which I haven't mentioned before. This is basically a thin tube inserted into your bladder to drain urine. When it's slightly cold I shiver, when it's slightly warm I get faint. Well, let me tell ya, last night I slept, and slept, and slept, woke up this morning after 8 hrs and slept another hr. I'm ashamed to say that I probably overworked myself by installing a tall FM antenna mast.

The human body is so incredibly complex that it defies understanding.

Various conditions have overlapping symptoms, not everyone has the same symptoms for a given problem, and cause/effect relationships are difficult to pinpoint and easy to get reversed.

Because of this, I believe in the future, sleep studies will become as common as blood tests.

But, due to the snail-like speed at which bold new ideas are accepted, even in the sciences, this will probably take another 25 years.

My apnea gradually got worse and CPAP (at any pressure) stopped working. I've become very sensitive to caffeine since I've been off (about a year) and it's been known to cause this.

This affected my quality of life more than I could ever explain. I did take one of my "pill's", will deal with that after recovery. Today I have another noticeable improvement in energy but still have to rest after walking 100 feet. Chopping food into little bits, sucking them through a small mouth opening, mixing around (absolutely no chewing), then swallowing. Today is packing day before the trip back home tomorrow. Also, yesterday I had so much energy that I did a lot of work and may have exhausted myself.

Some of the pictures and text are not particularly flattering of me but hopefully the candidness will be helpful.

This is my story and it contains my personal opinions.

Every day is noticeably better than the previous with one possible exception. If I still feel good, we'll probably go on a short road trip. Finally, decided to use CPAP at a lower pressure of 8. Acquired a giant 1" bubble on the left side of my cheek. All days are improvements with maybe 1 exception, and ups/downs in between. Additionally there are 2 screws on each side of the lower jaw near the back, and an assortment of metal wires running from teeth to bone on top and bottom in the front. Powell scanned these XRays for me and put them on a floppy. Swelling just slightly there, still a yellow patch on neck and faint blue patches on wrists. After talking with others apparently my story is not common and most will experience an uneventful removal. Spent all day travelling from Palo Alto to home (Tyler TX). Found a way to eat chicken - chop it up using one of this contraptions that looks like an inverted bowl with a spring-loaded handle on top, press down and the cutters do their job.

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