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Aldi can trace its roots back to Karl and Theo Albrecht’s mother who opened a small store near Essen.

The Albrecht brothers took over the business in 1946. In 1960, the brothers split the chain over an argument on whether they should sell cigarettes at the checkout. In 1962, the name Aldi was adopted which is short for Albrecht-Diskount.

I believe “Aldi Stores” can do better than this Racist Store manager.

I have witnessed her call the Police on one of Aldi Clients but i never thought it will happen to me this day 3/25/2018.

She called the Police on me and told me that i have been Banned from that location for No Reason and that she is the manager and can do whatever she wishes and pleases to do.

It’s poor management from the highest levels down to the miserable little man avoiding you in any Aldis in any city take your pick.

The one thing that they have going for them are the prices and that is a huge thing for most shoppers, I suppose they think that there is no reason to be pleasant or well stocked or even remotely helpful because everyone wants to save money so we’ll keep coming back.

office products, shoes, clothes, etc.), empty shelves (no eggs? ), leaking half & half cartons with holes in them and going sour way before expiration date as well as vegetable bins haphazardly stocked (witnessed sales associate standing back and throwing heads of cabbage like softballs into bin with an I-don’t-care attitude. Granted, many folks who shop there are not high society clientele but whether your products are paid for out-of-pocket or with EBT cards, you owe it to them to be the best that you can be.

I’ll bet clients at your new store in Naples, FL will not put up with it! ” I suggest you spend some money on hiring quality control folks who will monitor your ever growing list of stores on a regular basis. “If you want to mingle with the “haves” don’t ignore the “have not’s” who got you there!

Reply I completely agree with the people here, customer service at all ALDIs is horrible. They don’t t understand that the could close their stores if customers don’t shop there.

Reply Aldi is the most disability unfriendly grocery in my area. They have a wheelchair designed for short people who have someone to push them around the store.

Is it me or is it the fact that the current owners/operators of Aldi’s are no longer interested in anything other than the bottom line? Rarely, if ever, see anyone who appears to be from corporate (you can always tell cause they wear suits and high end apparel and appear very self important). Thank you Reply IN THE LASRT MONTH OR TWO I HAVE BEEN PURCHASING THE LOVEN FRESH 100% WHOLE WHEAT BREAD, AND IT HAS ONLY BEEN LASTING SIX TO SEVEN DAYS BEFORE IT STARTS TO TURN WHITE HAS A FOUL ODOR OR EVEN GETS MOLDY. SEMPER FI Reply I have been shopping at the Kilburn Aldi since it first opened.

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