Stop adobe from updating

I’ve decided I had enough of Flash Player being this intrusive.

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However, the automatic updates should not be disable unless there is some special need to do so.

Using an older version of AIR may expose your system to some known vulnerabilities and this is why you should keep the automatic updates enabled if there is no real need to disable them.

The Adobe folder contains files for all Adobe programs installed on your system.

Locate and open the Adobe Updater folder, which will be named "Updater" followed by a version number, such as 5 or 6.

The only options provided are to Install Now, Remind Me Later, or Don’t Install.

Unfortunately, there is no option on this popup to disable the prompt forever.

Double-click on this icon to open the "Utilities" folder. Deselect the program's "Automatically check for Adobe updates" box and click "OK." Adobe Updater will now be disabled; any updates to Adobe software will need to be downloaded and installed manually.

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So if you want to disable the Adobe AIR automatic-updates, then you have to make some changes manually.

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