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Please note that you will have to pay a reservation fee (€ 100) as well as the first and last month of rent at the time of your reservation. The International Student Houses are a fun and social experience; you live with students from all over the world and get to know them very well.

All International Student Houses employ resident assistants to welcome new students and act as caretakers.

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SSH is a non-profit housing corporation, specialized in accommodation for students and Ph D’s.

SSH offers short stay contracts for the length of an educational period in the first year of stay.

Rents and agency costs of both commercial agencies and private landlords can be high.

Remain critical, visit the room beforehand and always read your contract carefully!

Prices for these rooms in the year '18-'19 are between € 290 and € 660 per month, but most rooms will cost around € 370.

The rent includes all utilities (room, heating, electricity, furniture, the internet, et cetera).

If you want to arrive a few days earlier, please ask the local SSH office by mail whether it is possible to rent your room a few days earlier. There are several alternatives to SSH where you can find private accommodation.

You can find a room with commercial agencies or private landlords around Groningen.

Our students live in student houses all throughout the city of Groningen, since we do not have university-owned accommodation.

Corporate and private landlords provide rooms for our students.

The University has reserved more than 1550 rooms for new international students with the SSH in order to offer new international students a furnished room to rent for the maximum of one year.

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