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When she is not doing tasks for you, she must be at your feet kissing them, painting your toenails, or messaging them. You want to be shot [email protected] by a sexy female assassin? Im very selective in my clientele but I can already tell that Im going to enjoy k.!

You will place tattoos all over her body (please describe some). You just keep paying me while I degrade you more and more. Well, I will be the one carrying out your fantasy e.x.e.cution..

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Please wear a tight black dress while humiliating the out of your slave. Then you allow him to lick your legs and up to your thighs, but not any closer. If he looks like he is about to cum, just kick his balls.

When he has gather enough precum, please wipe your foot on his dick and make him lick up all the precum from your foot.

Im going to give you one chance to live, if you can keep yourself from cumming in the next few minutes, youll be free to go. Awww it must suck being in there, staring at a hot Goddess like me and not being able to touch yourself. Youre so eager to eat your cum and give yourself a facial. You want stroke other guys cock, you want to swallow other guys loads, dont you?

Lucky for you I like to play with my prey before I blow them away. How sad it is for your worthless little fucking cock to be locked up. Can you even get off to anything but humiliation any more? You used to think I was just a habit, then I became an addiction. So you sneak out of bed and fire up the computer and turn on my videos. I know youre rock hard right now, jerking off to the thought of humiliating yourself for me. Youre so good at masturbating, youve had so much practice. Youre so good at stroking and eating your own cum because you want to practice so you can do it to other men.

Then I demand a foot massagebefore eventually just casually tossing him back into storage like the disposable piece of human garbage that he is.

I am just sitting out on the deck at the Mean Girl Desert Punishment Camp (or MGDPC lol) being pampered by several slaves. Your our Princess and the wife and I can no longer pay our taxes to you. You took all our possessions and had us brought before you. Good because Ive never actually had the pleasure of shooting a man to [email protected] this is going to be fun. Someone has paid me a lot of money to hunt you down and k.! Awww I love that look of sadness and desperation that you get in your eyes. It must suck watching a hot girl get herself off while you sit there in chastity unable to touch yourself. This feels so fucking good on my pussy but Im not going to cum in front of you loser, you dont deserve anything like that. And if theres any precum that leaks out youre going to eat it, lol. Smear it in and lick it all up, give yourself a tasty facial. Let it drip over your lips and into your mouth you little cum junkie. I know you think Im so sexy, I can see you cant stop staring at me. So Im going to torture you in chastity and for this you will need a vibrator. And look at you, your cock is getting so hard, trying to burst out of that cage, LOL! Then move it up to your asshole and just let it vibrate on the hole for a bit. You must feel so stupid and pathetic, but Ill bet your cock is rock hard. You should leave it on your face when you go out so you can show everyone what a little cum junkie you are. When you cum I want you to blast it all over your face with your mouth wide open, let it drip into your mouth. Im going to fuck with you today because youre such a worthless loser with tiny little cock. Look at you, stupid loser with a locked up cock and a vibrator in his ass. Youre going to be so desperate to jerk your cock but youre not going to be able to. I know exactly what Im doing to your cock and your mind. I want you to press it really hard on your perineum, really hard, this is going to make you feel like youre going to cum. I know I cant wait for you to give yourself a nasty little facial. Maybe other sissies will notice and theyll be jealous that a Goddess made you play with your cum.

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