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This can come in the form of dick-pics which were originally shared in a private setting, or even wetransfer links to downloadable videos. (the user-generated, now defunct revenge porn site from 2012), but for men who like men.And while a great deal of content shared here often concerns material made by guys who are willingly selling porn through other sites (like subscription site Only Fans), many are just regular people finding themselves victim to revenge porn, sexual exploitation and explicit material shared with malicious intent.

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It’s a place where a hopeful lover’s dreams are dashed by catfishing, where gamers enjoying an online session in VRChat helplessly observe as another player has a seizure IRL, and where lifelike robots joke openly about world domination on national television.

Whether the digital revolution is for better or worse, it’s impossible to hide from the fact we live in an era of hyper-observation and limitless accessibility.

I kept quiet because I didn’t exactly want people seeing that of me…” It seems images shared during a brief sexual encounter between two consenting adults on Grindr were now being used against him.

Having simply taken part in what is now a very common aspect of 21st century sexuality and relationships, Jack found himself victim to sexual abuse, exploitation and humiliation on Male General.

A thread was posted asking for his nudes to be brought to light, and the original recipient from Grindr anonymously distributed them - all completely against his will.

“Last year, I received a DM on Twitter from someone I didn’t know,” he said.

The site is made up of multiple threads where users can ask or search for specific nudes – many have personal information attached and detailed, like their social media accounts or full names.

Some have modest followings on Instagram or Twitter, others are unknowns that individual users wish to pursue naked images of.

And I’m pretty sure these same-day Amazon deliveries by drone will land any day now.

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