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There are even some provisions made for children that identify with belonging to the third sex; some schools provide separate changing rooms and so on.The terms pre-op and post op refer to whether or not a Ladyboy has undergone full gender reassignment surgery i.e. If you hadn’t already guessed, this surgical procedure entails removal of the mail genitals and construction of genitalia resembling that of a female.

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Surgical operations that are much more common are breast and hip implants.

These are operations that are universally desirable to all ladyboys and almost all of them in places like Bangkok and Pattaya will have had these operations.

As far as biology is concerned, a ladyboy has both x and y chromosomes and is therefore male.

Others argue that gender is about more than biology and that it is a cornerstone of a person’s identity, which is determined by personality.

The best solution is to conduct your search online, my recommended dating site has a separate section devoted to ladyboy dating and you’ll find people there that you can have short term fun with or something more serious.

Using a good ladyboy dating site also gives you the benefit of some extra discretion (assuming that you want to keep your private life away from prying eyes… Always keep in mind that your endeavours in the naughty bars can end up on Facebook or You Tube without your prior consent or even your knowledge!

I do not believe that this has affected the quality or reliability of any of the advice that I’ve given here.

The advice that I’ll offer has been gathered from: I hope and believe that it will be of some use to you.

This is a simple question that still, on occasion, causes some disagreement.

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