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The drinks that were supposed to be a treat from Corfu George now were on my Euro so that I could get out of there.

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" Dating Advice #10: Even experts have their failures. Anything more than one sentence or a question and answer, and you better hope you are talking to a literature major or a lawyer or you have no chance.

What should have been a classic, undeniable pick-up line, fell flat as this girl was happily married and had no interest in entertaining thoughts of another. Brevity also lessens the pain of the rejection, or so I have heard.

She is worth any sacrifice or humiliation you have to go through to prove your love to.

If we, as men, think a woman is an attraction who we can just pay for and walk away from, then we are doing it wrong.

The feelings of violation and filth hadn't blown away with the Athenian wind during the hurried escape. Did I partially fall for one of the oldest tourist cons in the book? I can describe it as heated as the two teams represent not only the two largest cities in Spain, and the two most dominant teams in La Liga, but also two different political ideologies present in Spain.

I felt like I needed to vent and make myself accountable to my friends back home. Regardless of my innocence, that close of a brush with something so illegal just made me feel guilty. Barcelona represents Catalunya, or the Catalans, an ethnic group born and based in Northeast Spain.

His advice was that Greeks love, love, love the foreigner. A few hours after my arrival, I was aimlessly walking around the streets of Athens when I was approached by a local asking for the time. Like in a Eureka moment, George suddenly exclaimed "Let's go get a drink." "Wow, Greeks really are hospitable", I thought. George was jovially carrying the conversation with a wierd concoction of Greek expressions and English phrases that I just confusingly nodded in agreement with. Yet even in conversations in my native tongue, I hate conflict so much that I may just nod along in apparent agreement, just to avoid breaking up the flow of the conversation. The two who we passed at the bar, who I thought were regulars, came back to join us.

This older man, probably in his 60's, clean shaven and wearing silver hair, a polo and khakis, approached me speaking English. If I get to the point when I just silently glare at you, without any nods or vocal confirmations, that's when I am in absolute and angered disagreement. Turns out they were "regulars" indeed- two young, attractive women who "wanted to talk".

If we think women are free to have or gaze upon for our pleasure, without any cost or sacrifice, we are also doing it wrong. I have learned this lesson the hard way so let me tell you about my greatest mistake.

I was on my way to Greece to get away, experience a new place, and to celebrate Easter a week later than non-Greeks observe.

Athens was my first destination and I would continue on to the islands of Rhodes and Patmos.

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