dating a busy successful man - Top dating mistakes

Putting on an act Think you can sweep a girl off her feet with well-executed lines and a fedora? Even if you manage to pick her up initially, she won't stick around for long if you're putting on an act.

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The key word being 'planning,' not just 'winging it.' "Good dates are planned, and all situations are thought of—nothing is left to chance," says Tran. This allows you to see her in multiple situations and both feed and entertain her, instead of just one." That said, it's better to think of your 'date day' as being on an Italian timetable: Flexibly romantic and never on time.6.

Having too many plans Wait until you're exclusive to start hitting her up as your go-to plus-one, says relationship expert Anita Chlipala.

"Shut down whatever else you're doing—that includes electronic devices, but also just the noise in your head—and show up," says Thomas.

"There isn't anything more important than the connection you have with your date, and that comes from being truly present." 12.

"Asking her to attend your cousin's wedding four months down the road can scare her off," Chlipala says.

"It puts too much pressure on both of you." Bottom line: Plan your time with her, but don't make plans for your future until you're both ready for that step.7.

"Say you both have an awful boss, or your company is going through changes.

Don't mistake that closeness for attraction." Your move: Ask her out, outside of the office. Going all in, right away Some women love over-the-top romantic gestures; some don't.

"If you invite her out on a fancy dinner date and show up with arms full of roses, chocolates, and teddy bears like you're celebrating the biggest Valentine's Day ever, you're putting a lot of pressure on her if you two aren't already an item," Tran explains. "Women in my office complain all the time that the men in their lives don't ask any questions, and aren't actually interested in the answers when they do," says Thomas.

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