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But I trust him completely; I know he wouldn't do anything that that would hurt me so I gave into him to do as he pleases. He is such a gentle lover that he is working on actually biting them harder. I am of average height with dark auburn hair that frames my face and my deep blue eyes. Carl is about 6 foot tall with the thickest cock I have ever seen. And let me tell you ladies, there is nothing better than uncut cock when you're fucking.

I have a round full ass, a curvy woman that he thoroughly enjoys. It has this tendency to glide over your clit as he thrusts in and his cock being so thick I am totally filled by it. As I approached the bed I notice thevelvet handcuffs attached to the bedposts.

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We are both so open with each other and we share everything, having said that I was still a little apprehensive.

It is one thing to share your fantasies, quite another to act them out. He still hasn't quite adjusted to the fact that I love to have them bit forcefully.

He starts to nibble on my clit, sucking it into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue. " "Yes." "Than just relax and enjoy it." I do as he says I relax, but who is going down on me, it is not myhusband.

He stops and whispers to me " baby I am going to take the handcuffs offand you can do whatever you want with your hands but if you take the blindfold off the evening is over, do you understand." "Yes honey I promise I won't take it off." He takes my cuffs off and goes back to work on my pussy. My right hand goes on top of his head I want to run my fingers through his hair as he goes down on me. He whispers in my ear how much he loves what is happening. Whoever is going down on me is doing one hell of a job.

Soon he turns his attention to Stephanie, he moves up next to her and allows her to grasp his cock.

The look on her face is precious; you can tell her mind is racing trying to figure out whose cock she is playing with. They have shared many fantasies but this was the weekend that Carl told her to relax and enjoy because some of her fantasies were going to happen. Carl had promised her a very exciting weekend but that is all he would say.I hear that all to familiar sound of the camera clicking away as he takes pictures of me strapped to the bed.I hear him making a strange noise and I ask him what he is up to.I get along great with John my next-door neighbor and we have many interesting conversations.

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