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Northrup Forest Products & Earthworks of Jefferson, ME-Regions 1 thru 5; Mc Pherson Timberlands of Hermon, ME-Regions 2,3,4. Ham Hogging of Lowell, ME-Regions 1 thru 5; Denny’s River Tractor Services of Edmunds, ME-Region 4; William A Renaud, Jr. of Millinocket for Region 1, 3 & 4; Shaw Brothers Construction, Inc.

of Gorham for Regions 1, 3 & 4; Chadwick-Ba Ross of Westbrook for Regions 1, 3 & 4.

of Damariscotta, Maine on 03/12/2018., Smithfield, WIN’s 21819.00C and 21828.00C, awarded to Hagar Enterprises, Inc. of Jackson, ME; Fine Line Paving & Grading LLC of Madison, ME; Glidden Excavating & Paving, Inc. of Damariscotta, ME; Hopkins Landscaping, LLC of Bangor, ME; Lane Construction Corporation of Cheshire, CT; P and B Paving, Inc. of Bangor, ME; Roundys Paving of Newport, ME; Soderberg Company, Inc. of Presque Isle, ME-Region 4; Ed Pelletier and Sons Co. of Millinocket, ME-Region 5; Ray Labbe & Sons, Inc. of Limestone, Maine on May 10, 2017., Awarded to Wellman Paving, Inc. of Bangor, ME-Region 1,3,4,5; Soderberg Company, Inc. Awarded to the following Contractors: to Baker Electric & Sons of Milford, Maine on April 12, 2017., County Electric, Inc. of Skowhegan, Maine on April 12, 2017., Hartt’s Electrical Service, Inc. of South China, Maine-Region 2,3,4; Michael Barry dba Barry’s Trucking of Ellsworth, Maine-Region 4; Nathan O. Awarded to Tim Richardson of Hermon, Maine for Region 4-Jonesboro-Hancock-Bangor-Plymouth Crew Areas on May 2, 2016. Please Note: A pre-bid conference will be held at AM, Thursday, February 18, 2016 at Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport-80 Airport Drive, Auburn, Me. of Caribou, Maine on March 18, 2016 Region 5 Section 4. of Scarborough, Maine on March 18, 2016 Region 3 Section 1, Region 4 Section 2 & Region 5 Section 3.

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of Sangerville, Maine on January 13, 2017 Sections 2,4,5,9.

Awarded to the following contractors on October 31, 2016: Prock Marine Company of Rockland, Maine; Stetson & Watson of Holden, Maine; Chesterfield Associates, Inc.

Awarded on November 27, 2017 to the following: Augusta Plumbing dba Rolfe’s Well Drilling of Farmingdale, ME; Bowie Bros Well & Water of Farmingdale, ME; Judd Goodwin Well of Greenville, ME; Stanley E.

Any questions asked and responses given will be posted to the Maine DOT website no later than Noon on Tuesday, November 14, 2017.

of Westport Island, Maine; Cianbro of Pittsfield, Maine; Wyman & Simpson, Inc.

of Richmond, Maine and Ganneston Construction Corporation of Augusta, Maine. of Hermon, Maine on June 29, 2016, Lucas Striping, LLC. of Jackson for Regions 2, 3 & 4; Shaw Brothers Construction, Inc.

Listen and watch live bid openings every Wednesday starting at AM. of Phippsburg, ME-Region 1 Section 1,2-Region 2 Section 1,2-Region 3 Section 1,2-Region 4 Section 1,2,4-Region 5 Section 1,2,3; Marston Tree Service, Inc. of East Machias, ME-Region 4; Houlton Rental Center, Inc. of Caribou, ME-Region 5; Eagle Rental of Waterville, ME- Regions 1 through 5; Milton Cat of Brewer, ME-Regions 1 through 5. Awarded to the following: Gervais Fence & Guardrail, Inc. The following contracts were awarded on March 14, 2016 to Coastal Road Repair LLC of Windham, ME-Regions 1,2,3; TGP Enterprises of Carmel, ME-Regions 3,4,5; Mc Gillan, Inc. Awarded March 18, 2016 to Wilsons Commercial Sweeping, Inc.

Listen Only 1) Dial 1-877-455-0244 Toll Free or 1-617-500-8780 Toll/International 2) Enter the conference code 1675321594 Watch & Listen 1) Click the "Watch Now" button below 2) Select Guest 3) Enter your name 4) Click the "Enter Room" button miles, to the intersection of Route 26. of Naples, ME- Region 1 Section 1,2-Region 2 Section 1,2-Region 3 Section 1,2. Awarded on February 8, 2018 to Nortrax of Westbrook, ME-Regions 1 thru 5; Herc Rentals Inc. Awarded to the following: PDQ of Hampden, ME on February 2, 2018; DEWS Door Company, Inc. of Limestone, ME-Region 5; Lucas Striping LLC of Sidney, ME-Regions 1,2,3,4; L&D Safety Marking Corp of Barre, VT-Regions 1,2,3,4,5; Hi Way Safety Systems, Inc.

Awarded Sections 1,3,6,7,8,10,11,12 to Copia Specialty Contractors, Inc. Awarded to La Joie Electric and Control Services, Inc.

of Brewer, Maine on December 29, 2016, : Awarded to Gordon Contracting, Inc. Awarded to Mitchell’s Electric of Scarborough, Maine on May 9, 2016.

Drainage and Safety Improvements./020887.00 is located on U. Route 1 in Waldoboro, beginning 0.02 mile north of Route 32 and extending northerly 3.84 miles to 0.23 mile south of Manktown Road./020888.00 is located on Route 90 in Warren, beginning at US Route 1 and extending easterly 3.60 miles./022472.00 is on US Route 1 in Warren, beginning 0.06 mile east of Camden Road and extending southeasterly 1.78 miles./022996.06 is on Route 90 in Warren, beginning 0.10 mile north of Cooper Road and extending northerly 0.06 of a mile. Barry & Son of Farmingdale, ME-region 1,2,3,4; Seabreeze Property Services of Portland, ME Region 1,2,3,4,5; Shoem Corporation of Berwick, ME., Awarded on April 6, 2018 to Albert A Barry dba Excalibur Ground Maintenance of Farmingdale, ME. DBA Greener Property Maintenance ME of South Portland, Maine on March 02, 2018. of Gorham, ME-Region 1; Dearborn Brothers Construction, Inc. of Caribou, ME-Region 5 Areas 1&2; Brown Developments, LLC of Houlton, ME-Region 5 Areas 2&3; Soderberg Company, Inc. of Jackson, ME-Region 2,4; Mc Pherson Timberlands of Hermon, ME-Region 2,3,4; Nathan O. Awarded to the following on March 6, 2018: Cards Excavation & Tractor Work of Bowdoin, ME-Region 1 & 2; Carl Knowles dba Knowles and Sons Excavation of Manchester, ME-Region 2,3,4; Jake Barbour, Inc. of Fort Fairfield, ME-Region 5 Areas 1 & 2; Wayne L. of Bangor, Maine on May 10, 2017., Awarded to Roundy’s Paving of Newport, Maine on May 10, 2017., Awarded to Shaw Brothers Construction, Inc. Awarded on April 6, 2017 to the following: Eagle Rental of Waterville, ME-Region 1,3,4,5; HERC Rentals of Scarborough, ME-Region 1,3,4,5; United Rentals, Inc. Awarded on March 7, 2017 to the following vendors: Mc Pherson Timberlands of Hermon, Maine-Region 2,3,4; Hagar Enterprises, Inc. of Brunswick, Maine-Region 1 & 2; Emery Lee & Sons, Inc. of West Paris, Maine-Region 1,2,3; Thomas Di Cenzo, Inc. Please Note: A Mandatory pre-bid conference will be held on Thursday, March 3, 2016 at AM.

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